The reuse cup is an egg cup with an unusual past. In its prior life it was a wine bottle. But thanks to a separation from its upper half, the now egg cup, was able to leave former life of constant drunkenness behind. With smoothed and polished edges the egg cup has achieved the life it has always wanted. This reborn cup wishes to serve you faithfully and reliably every morning.

Due to the number of different wine bottles used to produce the reuse cup, each has unique characteristics.

The reuse cups do not lie about their origins; rather they are surprised and pleased by their new found secondary and meaningful use, after being a wine bottle. The bottles are collected from caterers and then skillfully and lovingly hand-crafted in the Thuringen Forest, a traditional region for glass production.

reuse is being sold by Artificial Jürgen J. Burk

Project: »Werkzeuge für nichtalltägliche Aufgaben« at Prof. Axel Kufus and Dipl. Des. Martin Kuban and Dipl. Des. Stefan Schiefer

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