toy car for two players
Palinurus 2.0 is a remote controlled tank-like vehicle operated by two radio remotes. Each remote controls one of the driving chains. As with all chain-driven vehicles it is possible to drive in a curved pattern, when one chain moves at a faster rate with respect to the other chain. For example: if the left chain moves faster than the right, a right curve will develop and vice a versa.

The speed difference between the chains determines the radius of the curved path. With the dual remote controls it is possible to travel in an arbitrary radius. This can only occur of both drivers select exactly the same direction adjustment control and drive the vehicle straightforward. If the lever is not visable to the other driver, both drivers must on the basis of the vehicles movement adjust their individual rate of acceleration.

Example: The vehicle is now travelling with a constant velocity in a soft left-hand curve. Should one now to wish to travel in a straight path: When the person operating the left chain accelerates a small amount the vehicle will again travel in a straightforward path, but at an increased speed. The ability to move in a straight path can also be achieved by the person operating the right chain. This person can decrease the acceleration of the right chain and the total acceleration of the vehicle will also decrease. Naturally if both drivers adjust acceleration at the same time the vehicle will move in an enhanced radial right curve.

Seminar: »Time of cybernetics« at Dr. Claus Pias

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