With the simplest means possible, instigate an effective intervention in the public arena. That was the goal and concept of this project. The concept of Ferry Häntsch planned to adapt the façade of the former house of Johann Nepomuk Hummel, which stands opposite of the Dorint Hotel. Unfortunately this idea could not be actualized, but because of a great deal of correspondence the steps needed to implement this project are now well understood.

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Project: »Kunst im öffentlichen Raum« at Prof. Dr. Achim Preiß
Title of the work: Gezeiten - Partielle Reinigung der Fassade des Anwesens Marienstr. 8 in Weimar
Tides - Partial Cleaning of the Facade of the Estate in Marienstrasse 8, Weimar
By: Ferry Häntsch und Georg Riedel

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This test piece of façade was made for the examination by the Office of Preservation of Historical Buildings. It was shown that materials, especially the plaster would not be damaged by the new façade. Cleaning can be easily managed with a cleaning brush and a damp cloth!