OTTO - partition and armchair


The partition Otto-Wind was designed for those public spaces in wich it is required to create quiet zones separating them from the noisy ones, without disturbing the view. Thanks to its transparency Otto does not interrupt the perception of space, but obstructs the passage of people and protect from noise. The two materials string netting and 2mm plexiglas sheet are both light and flexible materials, but together they form a very stable structure. Netting and Plexiglas are holding eachother in tension generating a balance of forces. Once removed the netting, the transparent plexiglas sheet returns into its flat shape wich simplifies the transport making Otto very space-saving.


The armchair Otto-Chair is a low chair that invites to drop yourself down to get embosomed by its soft netting. A netting wich seems to stand upright alone, because the supporting structure is invisible.

Otto was designed for antidiva

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Otto at the stand of Antidiva during the milan furniture fair 2009