On the plant cutting exchange

felt-experience part 1

For Rundgang 2001 Kerstin Lichtblau offered plant cuttings in the “green-lab”, the project was directed by Barbara Nemitz. At this “dynamic installation” visitors were able to bring along their plant cuttings and exchange it for other plants. My contribution consisted of bringing along a clipping of my hair and presenting it in exchange for a live plant. This exchange was preserved by a photographer from the Thuringen National Newspaper. The photo is still mentioned, concerning it was only half of the picture and it was printed with a smearing effect. Kerstin Lichtblau was cut out of the picture except for her three-finger tips and it is difficult to identify my hair clipping in her hand. I marked it with a red circle. I was unfortunately unable to reverse the smearing affect, which distorts the splendor of my hair. To clarify the picture for the average reader, the newspaper novicely attempted to enhance my extravagant appearance.

The Original Georg Riedel Cutting

felt-experience part 2

In December 2001, I took part in the “Everything that is Art” exhibition at the ACC Gallery, Weimar. What was special at this show was the Internet presentation of all the shown works on eBay, an internet auction house. The Thuringen Allgemeinen from December 7th reported among other things on my exhibit “Original Georg Riedel Cutting” (Hair bundle in flower pot)

impressum | © georg riedel | diese seite auf deutsch

Caption Reads: Carried out in an easy chair at the feet of the poet: Carola, Magdalena, und Brigitte, Vienna students of fine arts and photography, only came to Weimar because of the “Rundgang” of the Bauhaus University, and used the performance of Frauke Ronneberger for a photo-shoot. Among the other projects at the University was the Cutting Exchange of Kerstin Lichtblau. Odd: Georg Riedel (r.) received a plant cutting for a clipping of his hair.