Curriculum Vitae


  • Jan 2006 to Aug 2006: Master’s thesis at Bauhaus-University-Weimar, argument: Boardgame, finished with the german academic degree »Diplom-Designer« (equivalent to a Master of Arts degree)
  • Sept 2005 to Dec 2005: Stage at Studio Santachiara, Milano
  • Jan 2005 to Juny 2005: Stage at Studio Vigo, Milano (Architecture)
  • Oct 1998 to July 2004: Studies at Bauhaus-University-Weimar, course of studies: Product-Design, also enrolled for classes in Fine Arts and Media-Design, Theory Of Media and Philosophy, as interdisciplinary and integrated project studies are a special feature of the »Weimar Model« of education.
  • Sept 1992 to Aug 1997: Gymnasium Dresden-Großzschachwitz, finished with the Abitur (German schoolleaving examination and university entrance qualification) intensiv-classes in physics und geography

Work Experience

  • July 2002 to present: free lancing Designer; projects with Antidiva (products: blob and Elise) and Artificial Jürgen J. Burk (product: reuse*)
  • between the terms of study also worked at a stonemasons bussines and at a large pastries factory (shiftwork)
  • Feb 1998 to Sept 1998: designing work for »facette« (non-profit organisation) in Dresden: »facette« organized different afternoon events for groups of children, to give them a lively impression of the Barock-age


  • languages:
    • Italian: very good
    • English: good working knowledge
    • Russian: basic knowledge, needs reactivation
  • software: Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max, Alias Wavefront; Adobe CS2, MS Word and other programs; workin with different operating systems (Mac, Unix/Linux, Windows)
  • driving license class B, C1, BE, C1E, CE
  • furthermore:
    • working with different kind of materials: porcellain, felt, fabrics, glas, wood, plastics, stone, metal
    • modeling with wire netting (Teacher: Prof. Fritz Rahmann)
    • photography
    • sewing

Exhibitions (Participation)

  • April 18th 2007 to April 23rd 2007 Pol!femo, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan: »Sostenute Inquadrature«
  • Jan 12th 2002 to Feb 10th 2002 University Gallery at ACC, Weimar: »Flotsam & Jetsam – Ballast und Treibgut«
  • Dec 3rd 2001 to Dec 16th 2001 ACC Gallery, Weimar: »Alles, was Kunst ist« report at newspaper »Thüringer Allgemeine«
  • Oct 18th 2001 to Nov 4th 2001 documenta Hall, Kassel: »Flotsam & Jetsam – Ballast und Treibgut« catalogue released


Personal Details

  • Georg Riedel
    Kuhlmannstr. 18
    99423 Weimar
  • born January 29th 1979

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