Blob, dependant on the number of people wishing to sit down, is a sofa cushion that can seat one, two, three or many people. If one person chooses to sit alone, he/she has the possibility of crosswise a broad armchair or lengthwise a chaise lounge. Blob is able to contour its form to match the body of the person(s) sitting down. The uncountable polystyrene balls are set into motion by body weight and movement and are able to flow in a predominantly upward motion because horizontal expansion of the volume is prevented. Therefore, one can easily fall onto the sofa cushion and blob will support and cradle the person.

blob is being sold by antidiva from Milan/Italy.

see the project documentation (in German)

Project: »Strukturlos« at Prof. Kuno Prey and Dipl. Des. Martin Kuban and Dipl. Des. Martin Stauch

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Caption: The imitation leather cube (cushion) »blob« by Georg Riedel for Antidiva becomes an affectionate couch but needs tender loving care! Approx. € 1500 (»Stern« Nr. 4, 16.01.2003)